Friday, February 12, 2010

Neurology Now!

Friedreich's Ataxia was featured in a major medical journal this month, Neurology Now!  When they mention Repligen Corporation they are talking about work that was funded by a Ride Ataxia Grant!  We are truly making an impact!

A piece of the article-
"There is promising news on the horizon for people with Friedreich’s ataxia, a neurological disease that causes progressive muscle weakness, difficulty walking, slurred speech, and heart problems. The discovery of the mechanism for a potential drug treatment was reported in the September 25, 2009 issue of the medical journal Chemistry & Biology.

A team of researchers led by Joel Gottesfeld, Ph.D., professor of molecular biology at the Scripps Research Institute in LaJolla, CA, discovered the specific enzyme target of a compound called 4b that stops the progression of the disease in mice. Dr. Gottesfeld’s team discovered the compound three years ago but didn’t
know how it worked. Now, having identified the particular enzyme that 4b blocks, they are developing targets for treatment."
Read the entire article here:

The Picture-
Note: This picture was taken by Rick Guidotti representing his organization Positive Exposure.  Through an unfortunate mix up the credit was given to my friend Blake Andrews at SLOTography.  Sorry Rick, this one worked out in Blake's favor!


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