Friday, March 08, 2013

Rider Profile: Mark

Name: Mark Solow               
Hometown: Tulsa, OK
Current Location: Highland Village, TX
Age: 55 (will be 56 by the ride)
Occupation:  Sales.  (I sell network television time to ministries and humanitarian organizations.)
Club: Pathfinders Fun Cycling  (

About you in your own words:  I’m an organizer.  Love putting (different) weekly rides together for all skill level riders.  I love dogs and usually pull at least one behind my (Trek FX 7.5) hybrid bike.  I love my carbon roadie too, but I can’t pull a trailer behind it.  I’ve got three (grown) kids.  My youngest is still in college and rides a fixie to class most days and pulls a pedicab behind his mountain bike on weekend to earn extra money.  He’s the one that got me into cycling when he came home from college with his new fixed gear bike and asked me to ride bikes with him.  The last time he asked me to ride bikes with him was when he was in elementary school!  My 40 year old 10-speed hadn’t been off the ceiling hooks for 10 years.  But, the Dawes Galaxy still worked.  Off we went, and I loved it so much, that I’ve ridden almost every day since (Aug. 2010). 
I love grill and roast my own coffee.  I’m a Gideon and home group leader.

What is your favorite local route?  Campions Trail in Irving or Grapevine lake south side.  It’s a toss-up.

What is your favorite item of cycling gear?  Love my sneaker-style cycling shoes with SPD cleats.  I can walk around in them and still clip in on the bike.

Longest ride?  32 miles.

Cycling goal for 2013?  50 miler at or before Hotter ‘N Hell.

Favorite cycling snack?  Honey waffles.

Junk food Weakness? Taco Bueno bean burrito with extra cheese.

How many Ride Ataxia's for you so far? 2.  My first bike rally ever was the first Ataxia rally in TX in 2011 in Lewisville.  I’ve ridden several different rallies since then.  But, the first one set the bar.

What distance will you be riding this year?  25 most likely.  Might try my road bike at 50 though.

Tell us one thing you know about Friedreich's ataxia (FA) without using the internet.  I know that it a disease that often starts in adolescent years and effects the nervous system causing symptoms similar to CP or MS that effect muscle control.  I know that most people are not as familiar with the disease as the other two even though it effects a lot of people.

What do you love about the Ride Ataxia?  Of course I like the feeling that I’m helping a very worthy cause.  But, Outback Steakhouse’s efforts to provide the best food to all participants gives me something to look forward to.  The best shish ka bobs I’ve ever had were at 12 mile rest stop last year!