Thursday, March 19, 2009


We rolled in to the hotel this afternoon as a huge group. We were welcomed by a crowd of smiling faces. Ron Bartek, President of FARA said a few words and then Mike Parent, Executive Director of NAF said a few words and then we honored each rider with a medal to remember the ride. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures at this point but I hope to post some tomorrow.

I am extremely proud of our team and the personal accomplishments of each person. Additionally we have passed $220,000 in fundraising!

Stay tuned, more to come...


Mike said...

Fantastic Ride, Kyle. What a great group and an intense four days. We thoroughly enjoyed our role as SAG people and were proud to do a part in this group's great accomplishment.

Mike, Pam and Nick

Andy and Linda Johnson said...

Whew!!! Great job, everyone! You should all be so proud of yourselves ... whatever your role was! Now you can relax, warm-up, enjoy the conference and Seattle!

Spinner said...

Over $220,000 that's GREAT! Good ride, I knew you could make it;) I didn't quite keep up with the team as miles go, only 57 the first day, 41 on Tuesday, then 61 on Wednesday and 27 Yesterday. And my funraising is not neer your $220,000 mark - my facebook is more like $225.000, but it all counts. Enjoy the conference now.

Blair DeSaw said...

Congratulations Kyle!
I lost my wife Jan (42) to FA last year. I am really happy for what you are doing! Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Go Kyle and all the riders and workers beind the scenes.Grandma and I have been rooting you on!


aunt Moni

Spinner said...

A successful ride!
First 500:

Next 288: