Sunday, March 22, 2009

Morning Show


The NAF conference was fantastic as usual and we are headed home now. I will have some thoughts and reflections soon but in the mean time, I will be on a morning show in Portland in the morning. Not sure if you can watch live on the web but check it out: AM North West


Spinner said...

Smoothies - yum! I asume Ride Ataxia came later - I look later (getting ready for work now + sleepy). Look forward to your take on the Ride!

Spinner said...

I geuss they didn't have it on early, early in the morning ut now I see it - you look good Kyle. The Ataxian Athlete trike 'thing' how'd that go - do we have a NEW rider yet?

Spinner said...

I'm not finding any information about the Ataxian Athlete Inititive?