Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This morning started with a visit to the FARA office in Exton, PA. Shortly after I arrived Juliann showed up to take the trek down to the channel 17 TV station. We met the guys at the station and then followed them out to a park that had a nice view of the Philly skyline. We shot a short interview and then some shots of me riding. They are going to interview Dr. David Lynch (Dave) tomorrow to get the scientific side of the story and then they will put it all together to paint the whole picture.

When we finished at the park, Juliann and I went to get some lunch downtown at Reading Terminal Market which was a huge warehouse of small shops selling fresh vegetables, meats, spices and all kinds of lunch food including these cupcakes to celebrate the Phillies' win last night.

After lunch we went to visit the Outback Steakhouse team who is going to help us in producing the event on Sunday. We spoke a bit and tried to convey to them how much their support means to us. This is truly going to be a first class event due in large part to the support provided by Outback!

Then we went out to dinner for FELICIA's (FARA program director) BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELICIA!


Andy and Linda Johnson said...

Way to go Kyle! And Happy Birthday Felicia!!! Is she finally old enough now to go to a bar?

Dick and Sheila Smith said...

Good luck with this event, Kyle. We keep updated through your blog, and we will also be watching Team Johnson! We are so proud of all you and the teams are doing to raise funds for Ataxia Reserch. Dick and Sheila Smith

Spinner said...

Sounds like a FULL Day to me, glad your having FUN and doing a GREAT job - Outback's support has always been GREAT - they always get my pick when out for Dinner - What's Felicia now, about 18 - Happy Birthday!