Saturday, June 06, 2009

New Trike!

I got a new trike in April and it is going to allow me to go farther and faster than ever before! The purchase of this trike was made possible by the Challenged Athletes Foundation. For those fellow disabled athletes out there please check out the CAF website for information about how you could receive funding for sporting equipment, entrance fees and travel for competition, and training.

Also, my friend Dynah was funded by CAF this year too, check her new trike out here.


Dynah said...

Beautiful! I finally wrote about mine today too. I'm curious how the direct steering feels.

Brandon Bowen said...

Congrats man on the new trike!

Anonymous said...

Kyle,the NEW trike looks GREAT! Yeah, I'm noy a fan of the direct streering either, but I do like the Disc on my GS. Dynah's trike looks even better, the NSR steering of the NEWER GS DO have me "looking" at them - a dream maybe!