Sunday, March 15, 2009

'Twas The Night Before

We are taking off in the morning! 70 participants! We are a mighty force in the fight to cure FA!

FUNDRAISING UPDATE: $175,000! We're not done yet!

Today we had a team meal at Outback Steakhouse. We met all the new teammates and had a great meal. Thank you to Outback for providing the meal and the outstanding service!

Tonight we held "pre-registration" in my hotel room and it became aparent how many people we have riding with us:

This morning one of our teammates, Tess, called a friend to pick her up to drive to the airport so she could fly here to Portland. The friend, Angela showed up at Tess's house at 6am. They loaded all Tess' stuff in the car, started the car to warm it up and walked back to the house to grab something...As they were walking back to the house, literally 20 feet away from the car, someone jumped in the car and got on the freeway never to be seen again! CAR...GONE. ALL TESS' GEAR...GONE. Yes, this really happened this morning. So what did Tess do in the face of losing all her stuff (her bike was not in the car)? First of all, she let Angela borrow her vehicle to make it through the weekend. Then she went to the bike shop and bought all new gear. She changed her flight to a later time and now she is here with us as part of the team!

Tess has set the tone of dedication for the team this week. We will keep this in mind as we take off in the morning in the cold and rain...


Anonymous said...

Dear Kyle and 69 of your friends,
I wish you all a safe ride and I will follow your progress. I look forward to seeing you all in Seattle.
Have fun,
Mary-Lisa Orth & Alex
Tucson, AZ

Spinner said...

Way to go Tess! I'm going to put some extra miles on today & then next couple of days so I will be riding with you all in spirit - it looks like warmer ;), drier spirits, but none the less. Have a safe Ride!
Gold Bless

molano said...

Go Kyle Go! Wow, what a great website and blog. I'm rootin for ya all to make it safe and successful! Nice work! Melanie (Diane's friend)

Andy and Linda Johnson said...

We'd expect nothing less from you, Tess! You're a great friend and obviously dedicated to the cause! While Spinner is going to RIDE with you in spirit; Andy and I are going to HOT TUB with you in spirit! We'll hop in now and imagine the warmth coming back into your bodies after the cold day's ride!

Anonymous said...

You are all amazing! I'm watching the progress of the ride! Be safe & ride on!!!!
Mike & Jan Crowley
Courtney & Chris
Wichita Falls, TX

Anonymous said...

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