Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ride Ataxia on PBS

Awareness is key and as go-time (March 16, 2009) draws nearer we are all pushing for more media coverage. Thanks to a good friend, I was introduced to Rob Stewart. Rob and crew is putting together a new series for our Northern California PBS Station (KVIE). The series is called Rob on the Road and features local stories from Nor Cal.

I met with Rob on a cloudy morning on the American River Bike Trail. Teammates Sean Baumstark and John Lockwood accompanied me. We shot a short piece that will air multiple times this week on KVIE. View the story at: http://www.kvie.org/programs/kvie/robontheroad/video.htm

Also Check out Rob's Blog where he gives a little more insight into the story. Read Rob's blog HERE.


Anonymous said...

Kyle, the 'shoot' looks real good - you are made for the camera!
Some times this google/Blogger things works & somes NOT ;-)

Spinner said...

Read Robs Blogger page - awareness - words getting around!

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