Friday, November 14, 2008

Ataxian Athlete Initiative

Part of the mission of Ride Ataxia is to “EMPOWER Ataxians by inspiring, motivating and providing opportunities to develop physical and mental strength.” The Ataxian Athlete Initiative strives to accomplish this mission.

Through the 2009 Ataxian Athlete Initiative, Ride Ataxia will fund the purchase of a Terra Trike Cruiser ( be given to an aspiring Ataxian Athlete so that he or she may start a personal Ride Ataxia Adventure.
TerraTrike Cruiser:

To apply for the Ataxian Athlete Initiative individuals will tell their story by filling out a simple application and writing a summary about their experiences with Ataxia. The application is available to Ataxians worldwide. Individuals must have been diagnosed with some form of ataxia to qualify.

The applications will be reviewed by a panel of Disabled Athletes, Ataxians and others in the ataxia community. The recipient will be notified by March 1, 2009. The recipient will be announced and the trike presented at the National Ataxia Foundation Annual Membership Meeting in Seattle, WA on March 20, 2009.

Download the application here.


Anonymous said...

Looks real good Kyle, I Hope that this gets more Ataxians out-there.

Jacob said...

nice post

Sue K. said...

Do you have to be present at the Seattle Conference to be eligible? Sue Kittel said...

Attendance at the Seattle conference is not a requirement. Thanks for your interest!

Spinner said...

Looks like it's coming together!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,
You are such an inspiration! Sophia is trying to figure out how to join the ride, but has no bike. Is there any support role for us out there?

Anonymous said...

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