Thursday, February 08, 2007

Shout Out to Phoenix, AZ

Let me tell you about the great friends that I made in Phoenix (all of this happened last week but I just got the pictures so here goes).

At 1 pm on January 31 we met a group of people at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University.

This event was set up by FARA (the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance) and NAF (National Ataxia Foundation) to expose the new department at ASU that is dedicated to research for diseases like Friedreich’s Ataxia. We met the head of the new department Gary Poste who talked about their new ideas and the dedication they have for fighting this disease.

We also met new friends such as Rita Garcia (head of the Phoenix area NAF support group) and Dave Zilles (NAF board, old friend):

Connie, Chelsea, and Dad (didn’t catch the name) Chamberlain:

Vicki, Brandon and Gramma:

It was very nice to meet these new friends and it was such a great event that we decided to continue at the Four Peaks Brewery that night.

Thanks for the great time, whenever I am in Phoenix you can count on a call from me, hope to see you all in Memphis!


David said...

You've met so many interesting people along the 'ride'!

Anonymous said...

It's actually George Poste... ;-) Hope you guys are doing well

Trevor & Daphne said...

Hello Kyle. My name is Trevor Holland and I am a Physical Education Teacher (and a cyclist)in Watkins Glen, New York. I was told about your epic adventure from one of my co-wokers, her daughter has Ataxia. I just wanted to wish you a safe and successful journey! When people like yourself set out to do something to make a difference, you also bring hope to others when they need it. Stay safe, and may the wind bring you East to Memphis on or before March 22nd.
Sincerely.....Trevor Holland