Thursday, February 22, 2007

Feb 22, 2007


Yesterday we took off from Ozona Texas at about 830am. At 1230 we reached Sonora and decided to take a half day off to visit the Sonora Caverns.

We toured the caverns in the afternoon (super sweet) and had time to have a beer and some peanut butter fudge before dinner and bedtime…what a life.

In the morning we again started out at 830am and we got about 2 miles in before my chain fell apart…literally, in mid stroke it just came apart. So we pulled over and upon further investigation we found that the chain came apart at the master link so as soon after a bit of fiddling we snapped it together and we were on our way.

This section involved many rolling hills meaning that we had many slow climbs followed by some steep downhills. The shoulder was like butter all day. Seriously, it was like riding on a basketball court. So the climbs were slow but there was a nice payoff each time. We3 recorded a top speed of 36 mph today, the fastest so far. When I get to that speed, I start to get a bit nervous because any quick move can flip the trike (see previous post called “Road Rash”).

At mile 40 Dad got a flat. We were going down a hill at about 30 mph and he hit a rock. The tube pinched inside his tire and ripped. I was rixding in front and did not notice that he had stopped until I came upon an offramp. Usually at an offramp, Dad yells “CLEAR” which means it is safe to cross. This time I yelled “CLEAR?” and did not hear a response so I looked back and noticed that I was riding solo. I circled back and saw that he was about a half mile back on the side of the road fixing a flat. I waited there, it was getting warm so I sstripped some layers and rode the rest of the day in shorts and my jersey, beautiful weather today.

We finished the last 20 miles in about an hour and a half. Flat, tailwind and a shoulder like butter, like butta.

That night we listened to Wally perform some prank calls on his new toy and we had a great spaghetti dinner prepared by Mary.


It is 8am here in Kerrville, Texas. I thought I would post right now before we get on the road because the internet access is good and it might not be tonight...

Yesterday was quite a grind...My right leg is getting pretty burly and my left leg is still scrawny, but I am managing with no pain, and little this point.

We started In Junction, TX and the shoulder was pretty bad. Immediately we started a steep 5 mile climb out of the river valley that we stayed in the night before. WShen we reached the top of the climb there was a rest stop and we stopped to rest and stretch (the climb took about an hour and a half, 3.5 mph most of the time). Chilling at the rest stop, we were approached by a friendly trucker who asked me if I would be in a picture for his website. I agreed and he took a picture of me in front of his truck and he said that he would add a chain that made it look like I was pulling it.

On the road again, the shoulder was still crap, it was getting a little warmer now and we noticed some small rocks sticking to our tires from the melting tar on the shoulder. We were riding through a trough of tar and gravel. As the day went on, the sun became hotter, the tar softer. The hills continued and as we were going downhill, we could only go half speed because of the tar trough.

This picture was taken before the tires were COMPLETELY COVERED, but you get the idea.
By the end of the day, our tires were covered in Tar and small rocks. The rocks were sticking to our tar wheels and fling into the air and into the moving parts on our bikes, a bit concerning but we made it. It was a slow grind but we reached our destination the Buckhorn RV resort, where the motorhomes are twice as valuable as the homes in the area and the people are three times as snooty, Dad calls it the Buttcorn.

We have finally reached civilization once again. Trees, water, buildings, people. Its a little overwhelming. We crossed a river that actually had water in it so we had to stop to take a picture:

Dad is getting antsy so we had better get on the road...

Calling for reader participation:

I am loving all of the comments and I am you are too. However, I know there are a lot of you that are not participating…I want to hear from you. If you have been following along since the beginning or if you are reading for the first time today, I want you to chime in with your name and where you are from and (more if you want). I want to hear from Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Oroville, Castro Valley, Phoenix, Tempe, Midland, Van Horn, Ft. Stockton, Austin, Philly, Montana, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, France, Sweden, Canada…I think I am starting to sound like Howard Dean, I’ll stop.

Consider this your subscription fee. Take five minutes and leave a comment. Click the button at the bottom of the post that says “comments.” You might have to create an account but whatever, do it!


Anonymous said...

Andy Smith
Sacramento, CA
5'8", brown hair, allergic to horses, amateur gardener, and friend of Kyle's since 1st grade.

Blog on, Kyle, blog on.

gysens said...

Kyle! Very awesome blog today! It is great to see your progress! Know that our prayers are with you.

Kyle and I (Eric) backpacked the GORGE in 1999 with Young Life.

Eric and Michelle Gysen

Dynah said...

PHILLY know we ROCK :)

David said...

Kyle, your getting closer to mine ride time - I can't wait! It looks like I'll need the Sun Lotion & Sun glasses for the ride - should be nice!

Amanda said... THAT'S funny! My billability is going down trying to keep up on your blog! Hey, the IRA system went down again, are you gonna get it this time?

I love "hearing" your voice through your blogs; keep it up!


Anonymous said...

I am the TC Support Group leader in Minnesota. I used to be a triathlete and x-country ski racer. I was looking at your bike. It looks like it was custom built. Can you tell more about it?

Anonymous said...

What up Road Rash! I've been tuning in everyday. All my friends loved the "Walk for Jesus" guy! Dude...will Texas ever end. They have to break that place up into a few smaller more manageable states.


A Reel Chance said...

My name is Chris and I'm interested in your ride to Memphis. I'm in the midst of conducting a project that's raising funds and awareness for heart disease, children's leukemia, and other forms of cancer, and would like to include your journey as part of our project. When you have a moment, could you please call me at 516-982-0276--don't worry, I use my phone as a talking device, not a pager! Or email me at Thanks Kyle.


Anonymous said...

Oh...and you missed out on an awesome chili cook-off at work today! Pat was asking for some roadkill for his chili...I should have had him contact you!!


clint said...

reading about your adventure makes me feel tingly inside.

-clint stewart, of the midland stewarts

Chuck said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Jeremiah has been missing you. Scott and myself have had to take up the slack and run down to Elk Grove. By the way do you know where the keys are to the trailer? I have been using mine.


susie said...

Man, it sounds like you're having way too much fun! I doubt you'll ever come back to work. :) I enjoy your updates and your pix - keep it up.


Crystal Wade said...

kyle you are savage!! looking forward to the rest of your blogs. are you sick of texas yet??

Crystal (Adam Wade's sister)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle ---

Been following your ride - you're looking great!

My cousin Marilyn Downing has the banner ready to greet you in Memphis. Are you about half way?

Stay safe --


nadia said...

just so you know..

the state of texas has been having a war with the other southern states..and they won the war, which won them texas isn't going to end until memphis.


keep up the good work! and buttcorn! hilarious!

nadia said...

and i am officially the dumbest person ever..

memphis is not in mississippi.


fibee said...

Hi Kyle,

Awesome - way to go. Your trip itself is inspiring. Now you can say you got a Canada post! Writing to you from the BC Ataxia Society (that's british columbia, canada) Watching you from way up here, and glad you're doing it!! It means a lot to many people. Hope you get loads of support for the cause too.


The said...

Hi Kyle - This is really something you've got going here.

I had the pleasure of hanging with Kyle in New Zealand for a summer. I used to fold his laundry while he would drink a beer with a name we couldn't pronounce that had a lower alcohol content than miller lite. And all I received in return was a candy bar. True story.

I wanted to post more, but I got stuck at (you go and put a link to dirty jokes and porn on your blog? I was just checkin to see how you're doing and now i've got another joke that i forgot the punchline to, and i'm ashamed of myself).

Your Friend,


matfro said...

Hey Kyle! Glad to see you're doing well. Well, besides the left knee. Still how rad is that... right when you're having a problem someone donates their services to help you out. I've been following your blogs since the beginning and its exciting to see all the little adventures you come across. (and interesting people) Looks like you're seeing some beautiful sunrises and sunsets and great landscapes along your journey. I keep looking forward to your new posts to see what happens next. Just know that all your friends back here haven't forgotten about you and you have our full support. Keep on truckin'! Or... trycin'! Love you bro, Matt Redmond

PS - Tell the parents "hello" for me.

Linda Shepard Salzer said...

Hi Kyle,
I used to work at a place in TX which is probably not far off your route if you're continuing along I-10. Here's a link to the place I still know some folks who work there and hope to visit later this year. Seems like a great place for you to take a rest break if it fits your schedule. I'll let them know about your trip and suggest they contact you.

Linda, currently from MA (where I know someone w/FA) and formerly of Fair Oaks, CA, Sealy, TX, and San Felipe, TX among numerous other places

Anonymous said...

We are sitting at breakfast reading your blog. By the way that is our regular routine, we check your site every morning. I feel like I'm on vacation for just a bit as we read about your experience. WOW What an adventure!!

Your other Grass Valley Family -however currently living in Sactown!!
Jim & KIM
Ride on KYLE!!

Jennifer Sherman said...

Your doing such an awesome job. I can't believe the little kid next door has grown up to become such an inspiration.
I'm praying for you and your family.
Jen Sherman
Morgan Hill, CA
by way of Broadmoor Ct.

Johnny said...

Hey Kyle,
I'm 23, live in Crofton, MD, and I have FA. You're an inspiration in my life. I look forward to meeting you in Memphis.
See ya there.
John Cernosek

The NORM said...

Wow you are moving along!! We are just above freezing today and you've got tar melting on your tires. (no sympathy here) Sounds like you guys are holding up. I look forward to reading your blog on a daily basis. We have been sharing it with all our friends. You have been my motivation to stay on the windtrainer for the winter! (a first) Maybe your dad can film you from behind and we had your ride to one of the compu trainer programs. See you soon norm

farrell said...

OB and SD representing
awsome work kyle b
fyah fyah

Anonymous said...


You are just killing it. Way to go man. You have been getting to see so many cool things along the way. Quite a trip. Anyway, you are awesome and this journey is quite an accomplishment. You are doing really good. Keep it up!

Justin Dobrinski

OB Beer Club said...

I love you??? Wait, I really do! Kyle I didn't think you had a lot of time to read messages, but since you are asking for comments... We are wondering... when are you coming back to Cali... cause you are missed often. Ok... we're following you. We love you, tell elvis whatup

s.c. roads said...

what up kyle! thanks for the call the other day, and yes i was sleeping. shocking, i know. hope texas is treating you well. by the way, was that mary writing on behalf of OB Beer Club at 3:12 in the AM?

Anonymous said...

Sorry it took you asking for comments for me to finally say that I've been following you since you started and having the best time reading along. I'm completely in awe of what you're doing!
Saying hi from Boulder, CO

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading the blog Kyle. Glad you got Andy out there on a bike. Cant wait to see the GV Crew again.

Ronnie "Rev Ron" Ponce
San Diego, CA

Anonymous said...

I'm going to the store soon to get more beer. What do you want me to buy, Pacifico or Corona. Bo says hi