Thursday, November 30, 2006


Rode to work with Andy this was 31 degrees. Is, thats just below freezing. It was cold! I had two layers on the bottom, 4 layers on the top, 2 pairs of gloves,a beanie for my ears, and booties over my cycling shoes, I looked pretty ridiculous...sorry, no pictures.

I have a feeling it will be much more cold and wet during the ride so I figure I need better gloves and some wind breaker/rain pants. Good thing I am finding this out now, soon it will be too late!

We did not ride home (took regional transit) because my knee was acting up again. However, I think I am making some progress because my knee is taking me a lot farther than it did a few weeks ago. Just gotta take it slow and easy as I train the knee for long rides again...


Mills said...

Great job. We'll be following you here from the corporate side of the BC business.

Remember, it's not how you ride, it's how you look. And you look good in that Brown and Caldwell jersey.

In the next day or so, we'll order the 2007 jerseys. Make sure you send me your size so we can ship one out to you.


David said...

31 - that makes my yesterdays ride 37 look warm! However, thay are saying 28 on monday - as long has the I don't move shifter it shouldn't snap!