Monday, September 25, 2006

Ride Ataxia Events: International Ataxia Awareness Day

Today was International Ataxia Awareness Day. We had two fundraising events, at two different places. One event was held at Round Table Pizza in Grass Valley (Lake of the Pines), and one in Martinez. My cousin, Angela organized the event in Martinez.

We had a great turnout at both locations, raising about $1,500 at each location. The line for ordering Pizza was out the door for about an hour. I will total up all the donations up to this point to see where we are at, I think we should be close to half way to $30,000.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the cause, it was a good night.

In the spirit of International Ataxia Awareness Day, check out this article on the promising new Friedreich's Ataxia Research:


Angela said...

Hey Kyle - your video that we played out here in Martinez for International Ataxia Awareness Day was AWESOME. It was the perfect way to have you in 2 places at once, and many of our friends that had never heard of FA are now able to raise awareness as well. Even one of the girls who worked at Round Table that night was really into the event - I saw her the other night when we went back to RT for pizza and she said she wears her FARA t-shirt almost every day! Thanks so much to you and Matt Pegler - what an amazing video.
See ya at Thanksgiving, Angela and Ricky
(p.s. happy belated birthday!)

Greg said...

Found your blogsite.. .I haveent gotten to read it all yet, but I think what your doin is AWESOME...My name is Greg and I live near buffalo, NY...I can relate a little. Very similar bike - I recently aquired the Trice Ice Q NT and love it. Ive been diagnosed with a form of ataxia...I look forward to reading more. . .